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Welcome to the International Symposium on Advanced Nanomaterials-2017. This symposium is planned as a panel for interdisciplinary free discussion and exchange ideas between renowned scientists concerning the state-of-the-art in chemistry, physics and biology of advanced nanomaterials that can serve for improving and developing of chemical engineering and nanotechnology, microelectronics and optics, materials processing, oil production, food, biochemical, pharmaceutical and biomedical technologies, which in their turn increase the quality and make human life healthy and comfortable.




Prof. Yury SHCHIPUNOV & Prof. Sergey LYULIN



Institute of Chemistry, Far East Department,

Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok,


Institute of Macromolecular Compounds,

Russian Academy of Sciences, St.-Petersburg, Russia




Prof. C.-S. HA (Pusan National University, Korea).

Prof. T. IMAE (Taiwan National University Science and Technology, Taiwan).

Prof. H. ISHIDA (Case Western Reserve University, USA).

Prof. A. KHOKHLOV (Moscow State University, Russia).

Prof. J. LEI (Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China).

Prof. B. LINDMAN (Lund University & MidSweden University, Sweden).




1. Synthesis and Properties of Nanomaterials.

2. Colloidal Basis of Nanochemistry

3. Polymers and Biopolymers for Functional and Smart Nanomaterials.

4. Nanocomposites and Bionanocomposites.

5. Biomimetic and Biorelated Approaches.

6. Films, Membranes, Surface Modification and Coatings.

7. Theoretical Approaches and Simulations.

8. Engineering Aspects: Fabrication Techniques, Processing and


9. Advanced Nanomaterials and Ecology.



Preliminary Program Overview

16 June, Friday

- 19:00 Welcome Party

17 June, Saturday

- 8:45 Opening. Lectures, Banquet

18 June, Sunday

- 9:00 Round Table & Excursion

19 June, Monday

- 9:00 Lectures. Closing


Confirmed Lectures (Preliminary Titles)


Prof. Valentin ANANIKOV (N. D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, RUSSIA)

Prof. Lei JIANG (Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA)

Smart Interfacial Materials from Super-Wettability to Binary Cooperative Complementary Systems



Prof. Bharat Bhushan (The Ohio State University, USA)

Bioinspired Mechanical Durable Superliquiphilic/Phobic Surfaces

Prof. Chang-Sik HA (Pusan National University, KOREA)

Periodic Organosilicas for Various Applications

Prof. Hatsuo Ishida (Case Western Reserve University, USA)

Use of Advanced Nanocomposites in Modern Fire Science with Very High Nanofiller Concentrations

Prof. Toyoko Imae (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, TAIWAN)

Fabrication of Carbon-Based Functional Composites for Energy Systems

Prof. Alexei KHOKHLOV (Moscow State University, RUSSIA)

Biomimetic organo-catalysis by nanostructured macromolecules

Prof. Björn Lindman (University of Lund, SWEDEN)

Cellulose Dissolution, Dispersions and Composites

Prof. Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky (Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid



Prof. Suk-Kyun Ahn (Pusan National University, KOREA)

Polymers and Biopolymers for Functional and Smart Materials: Photoinduced Shape Programming and Shape Changes Developed in LC Elastomers

Prof. Yong Cao (South China University of Technology, CHINA)

Efforts towards All-printable Polymer Optoelectronic Devices: Electroluminescent Displays and Polymer BHJ Solar Cells

Prof. Li-Jen Chen (Taiwan National University, TAIWAN, USA)

Effect of Surface Hydrophobicity and Particle Size on the Coffee Ring Formation

Prof. Michael Gradzielski (Technische Universität Berlin, GERMANY)

Functional Polyelectrolyte/Surfactant Complexes (PESCs)

Prof. Pil Ho Huh (Pusan National University, KOREA)

Synthesis and Molecular Weight Effect of Polyurethane Covalently Grafted to Graphene Oxide

Prof. Kohzo ITO (Tokyo University, Japan)


Prof. Sang Ouk Kim (KAIST, KOREA)

Nanoscale Assembly & Chemical Modification of Graphene Based Materials

Dr. Marino LAVORGNA (Institute of Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials, IPCB-CNR, ITALY)

Multifunctional Composites Based on Graphene and its Derivatives

Prof. Yuguang Ma (Institute of Polymer Optoelectronic Materials and Devices, CHINA)

Conjugated Micropore Polymers for Organic Electronics

Prof. Michel Wong Chi MaN (Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier CNRS, FRANCE)





Important Dates

March 01, 2017 Registration.

March 05, 2017 Notification.

March 01 March 15, 2017 Registration Fee and Hotel Payment.

April 21, 2017 Abstract Submission.



English is the official language of the Symposium



Peterhof known as the "Russian Versailles" is a suburb of St. Petersburg. It was the former summer residence of the Emperors (Tsars) of Russia (

The symposium is planned in the New Peterhof Hotel**** ( home/location-and-directions.html).



The registration fee is 475 Euro for participants, 300 Euro for attendees without presentation, and 75 Euro for students and the accompanying persons up to 1st March, 2017. An extra fee of 100 and 25 Euro, respectively, will be charged afterward. Please, feel the preliminary Registration Form.



Ms. Irina SEMILETOVA, Symposium Secretary.

Post Address:

Institute of Chemistry, Far East Department,

Russian Academy of Sciences

690022 Vladivostok, Russia

Telephone: +7-4232-314481